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We at Link developed our systems to meet the different needs of multiple activities, and to provide solutions for Storage ,packaging and shipping of businesses and electronic stores, using the latest technologies and devices that ensure the efficient and high quality of our customers› workflow .You can always check your sales activities, your financial information, inventory /stock information and shipments reports, and link them fully with your website and shipping companies through your application and platform.

Our services based on partnership with our customers to achieve high performance standards through appropriate costs that contribute in achieving growth for their business, through our core units:

الفرز Sorting sorting
التخزين storage sorting
التغليف packaging sorting
الشحن shiping sorting
الإرجاع return sorting
وحدة الفرز sorting unit

In which we are concerned with the entrance and existence of stock within a standard period and in easy way through Receipt of goods, sorting and coding them using advanced techniques to facilitate handling on demand, considering the nature of each class, which helps you save exhausting costs and avoid unexpected expenses.

وحدة التخزين storage unit

Which includes the storage of goods in allocated places according to the nature of the products, as Stock management is performed through a specialized and accurate program that makes it easy for the customer to monitor and supply his stock according to the need , identifying the best sellers and enabling you to prioritize your purchases of goods.

وحدة التغليف packaging unit

Here we carry out packaging operations with the distinct identity of your products to appear in a very professional way, To reach your final consumer in a shape reflects your trademark, our customers can also add any special requests for their products, such as gifts or additional packaging and Seasonal touches related to their marketing campaign.

وحدة الشحن shiping unit

Product journey to final destination , it is done in partnership with a number of local and international freight companies through which we provide a number of options that include full coverage of all regions of the Kingdom.

وحدة الإرجاع return unit

At LINK, we understand the difference in customer preferences, and the change which occurs in their opinions about products, so we designed this unit to properly manage returns from customers. Returning it to inventory (stock) quickly ensures that it is available for sale to another customer.


Our Vision:

We seek to be the ideal partner for the electronic stores in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to introduce logistics and storage services.

Our Team :

The Link team consists of a number of competencies that work to achieve customer goals and fulfill Link›s commitment to their requirements, by creating exceptional solutions with implementing them quickly and with high accuracy, The LINK team and its clients will always be in the face of challenges and exceptional circumstances to keep up their aspirations.

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